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Welcome to the hub of Precision Logistics & Precision Transport. Whether you are a customer looking for dedicated or spot freight coverage, or carrier seeking expert dispatching services, you've made the right choice in trusting Precision Logistics & Precision Transport with your freight.

Our specialty lies in dry bulk transportation, handling a wide spectrum of products using various trailer types. We boast dual companies of both asset and brokerage services ensuring all your transportation needs are well-catered to.

With our own fleet of trucks under Precision Transport, and our brokerage company, Precision Logistics, we will ensure seamless coordination for both the customer and professional driver caring for the products being transported. From agricultural to industrial bulk products, your freight's journey from origin to destination is in safe hands.

Apart from freight and logistics services, we also offer towing services and on-road assistance. We have a full-service diesel shop managed by skilled technicians in Wisconsin.

Our scope of service expands throughout the upper Midwest, the contiguous United States, and Canada. Benefit from the expertise of our team of industry professionals. Our commitment to consistent and reliable communication ensures your dispatching is direct, personalized, and prioritized.